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Hello! Welcome to Pembrokeshire YFC's website where you'll find everything you need to know about the best youth organisation in the world.  If you're already a member, well done, and if you're not, just take a look at everything YFC has to offer.  Anyone aged 10-26 can join YFC, in Pembrokeshire we have more than 600 members from all walks of life who all have the same thing in common - they love socialising, learning and achieving through YFC.  It may be unlucky for some, but 13 is a number that really works for us, as that's how many clubs there are in the county, so wherever you are there's a YFC near you.  Check out our clubs page to see where and when clubs meet and for contact details.  Our members take part in a huge range of activities, competitions and events, such as panto, sports, queen's ball, drama, public speaking, harvest ball, singing, arts, crafts, travelling all over the world, dances, traditional rural skills - the list is endless, there really is something to suit everyone.  Go to the news page and photo gallery for the latest results and to see what we get up to in YFC.  Also, check out the calendar for all the events coming up soon.  You're bound to find something you like in YFC, so don't delay, join today!

If you have any queries at all, please contact the County Office on 01437 762639 or            sir.benfro@yfc-wales.org.uk


Dill's Retirement Dinner

Please remember to place your orders for Dill's retirement dinner at the Nantyffin Motel on the 25th...


There are no events to display at the moment

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